Make It: Milk Jug Lunch Box


Next time you empty a gallon milk jug, wash it out, draw the lines on like in the photo and make a reusable milk jug (or carton) lunch box.

Use a pin to poke rows of holes, which will become the crease.

Fold it into a little box and add a piece of hook and loop closure (brand name is Velcro) and you’ve got yourself a clever lunchbox!

What other items headed for the recycling bin can be reused to make a lunch box or as a container within a lunch tote?

Don’t want to put food in it? Consider it for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season. I used a few of these for keeping small craft supplies that are used in the same project (think cardmaking) together.

milk carton lunch box craft storage from

If you don’t want to make a lunch box, you could buy the whole kit and caboodle. Reuseit sells a variety of lunch packing goods and if you’re a first-time Reuseit customer, be sure to select your free gift when ordering (I picked the bamboo utensils and like them!).

Note: I found this item via Pinterest, which I’m learning is not always bookmarked to the original source. Thank you to a reader who post this link to directions.

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